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Medical Rhinoplasty - Benefits vs Risks
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Benefits vs Risks

Rhinoplasty Dr Alain Tenenbaum
Nasal Aisles
Courtesy Dr Gonul Atecassan
Nasal Angles Turkey
benefits towards risks

Benefits /Risks rate is almost 100%

The main risk with Endopeel applied to the nose is the absence of result in case of bad indication or Class III of Rohrich.

all races


  • no surgical look
  • no surgery
  • no scar
  • immediate result
  • no downtime
  • no edema
  • no ecchymosis
  • nasal tip elevation or rhinotip
  • nasal aisles reduction if necessary
  • nasal pyramidal muscles reshaping
  • natural look
  • price really affordable
  • max 7 minutes procedure 
  • for all races

The Risks

They are only limited to a ,, no results,, in case of bad indications and not trained physicians